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previous termGregarinesnext term constitute a large group of apicomplexans with diverse modes of nutrition and locomotion that are associated with different host compartments (e.g. intestinal lumena and coelomic cavities). A broad molecular phylogenetic framework for previous termgregarinesnext term is needed to infer the early evolutionary history of apicomplexans as a whole and the evolutionary relationships between the diverse ultrastructural and behavioral characteristics found in intestinal and coelomic previous term To this end, we sequenced the SSU rRNA gene from (1) Lankesteria abbotti from the intestines of two Pacific appendicularians, (2) Pterospora schizosoma from the coelom of a Pacific maldanid polychaete, (3) Pterospora floridiensis from the coelom of a Gulf Atlantic maldanid polychaete and (4) Lithocystis sp. from the coelom of a Pacific heart urchin. Molecular phylogenetic analyses including the new sequences demonstrated that several environmental and misattributed sequences are derived from previous term The analyses also demonstrated a clade of environmental sequences that was affiliated with previous termgregarines,next term but as yet none of the constituent organisms have been described at the ultrastructural level (apicomplexan clade I). Lankesteria spp. (intestinal parasites of appendicularians) grouped closely with other marine intestinal eugregarines, particularly Lecudina tuzetae, from polychaetes. The sequences from all three coelomic previous termgregarinesnext term branched within a larger clade of intestinal eugregarines and were similarly highly divergent. A close relationship between Pterospora schizosoma (Pacific) and Pterospora floridiensis (Gulf Atlantic) was strongly supported by the data. Lithocystis sp. was more closely related to a clade of marine intestinal previous termgregarinesnext term consisting of Lankesteria spp. and Lecudina spp. than it was to the Pterospora clade. These data suggested that coelomic parasitism evolved more than once from different marine intestinal eugregarines, although a larger taxon sample is needed to further explore this inference.

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